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AvanCiencia Associates will be able to access the following Experiences:

-You will have access to a special discount in the categories of education, health, entertainment and services with our allied entities.

-They will receive support for their institutional dissemination in the association's network of associates.

-They will have access to our associate directory.

-They will receive information about scholarships, calls and job opportunities by email.

-They will have access to our electronic editorial.

-They may be summoned as an evaluator or consultant.

-They can be judges in the AvanCiencia awards.

-They will be able to participate in the AvanCiencia Assemblies with voice and vote.

Types of memberships


Holder Individual

$ 203,000 COP /year

Professional in any area of knowledge.


$ 71,000 COP /year

With valid card.

Legal entities

Research centers

$ 760,000 COP /year


$ 760,000 COP /año


Higher Education Institutions/Entities

$ 2,525,000 COP /year